Making contact and Getting a quote

If you’d like a quote, please phone me or message me and I’ll arrange a time to call you back or check out the wedding fairs section on my website and come and see me. We can have a chat and I can give you some options and prices.

Please make contact and arrange a chat. I don’t bite, and my services sell themselves, so I will never give you the “hard sell”. Of course, I’d love you to make a booking but don’t feel pressured into making a decision that you haven’t had time to consider.

Ask for your quote in writing (an email is fine), then you won’t get hit with any extras that you aren’t expecting!  

Do your homework

Look at the website of the person you wish to book and Google them too. If you Google me, you’ll find my website and social media as well as my listings as a music teacher and possibly other bits and pieces from former jobs I’ve done not necessarily in music. This shows you I have a “footprint” and am established as a musician.

Look for videos on music supplier’s websites or go and meet them at a wedding fair and listen to make sure you like their music.

Don’t rely on someone else’s word, check things out for yourself.

Questions to ask

Ok, so I’ve written about things I do in my business, but what others do and how they do it will of course, be different. The following are ideas about the questions you might like to ask.

How will they work with you? Do they offer packages? Do they charge per hour (I don’t)? Would there be times when they would do more than one wedding per day?

How much experience have they got?

What types of music do they play? Can you choose? Requests? Is there an extra charge for requests? What happens if you want something they haven’t got? How keen are they to learn it for you? When do you need to make your final decision on the music you’re having?

If you’re stuck, will they help you choose your music?

If you want live music at your ceremony, have a conversation about where they usually stand (at the front, side or back) and would you be happy with that?

How loud are they? How much can they reduce or increase their sound levels? – something to ask if your wedding is small and in a small room (don’t deafen your guests!)

All wedding musicians are expected to have public liability insurance. Check they have it as some venues will ask for a copy of the certificate.

And Finally

Those of us with lots of experience will be happy to guide you through the process. Don’t be afraid to ask.

I have more information you may find useful in the FAQ section.